Saturday, September 18, 2010

Death and dying

My friend Dr Ben-Bob just posted this wonderful blog on Dying and not dying in the SICU.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Open letter to Terry Jones, Senior Pastor, Dove World Outreach Center

Dear Pastor Jones,

I wholeheartedly condemn your plan to burn the Holy Koran. While I expect I defend your right and anybody’s right to freedom of expression far more than you do (I apologize if I am wrong) I believe that true Islam and true Christianity teach precisely the same messages of love and peace. I have lived in predominantly Christian countries and predominantly Muslim countries and ordinary people tell me this everywhere.

You cannot say that your action is against Islam instead of Muslims because true Muslims love their holy book with all their heart. Of course there are Muslims that hate blindly and you and your congregation are currently reminding me all too clearly that there are Christians that hate blindly too but I believe you have forgotten the most important lessons you should have been taught.


Tom Haythornthwaite