Monday, January 14, 2008

Nasty bomb

There was a suicide bomb attack on a Kabul hotel yesterday. (BBC report) It was far away from me but I heard the blast. All bomb attacks are tragic but this one is worse for the international community because it targeted and killed expatriates.

Incidentally I resigned my job last week - I will be leaving Afghanistan (for now?) on February 2.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


New Year's fireworks behind the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

To plagiarize Ben-Bob, here is a "Quick update for anyone wondering what happened to me. (Something that I often wonder, myself.)"

I am back in Kabul after a dirvishly whirling train and bus tour of selected snippets of Turkey, Romania and Serbia (also passing through Bulgaria).

I intend to back-date posts on various parts of my holiday and to post photos to the souvenirs section of my website - but that might take some time. [Update: Here is the set from Istanbul.]

I have returned to find my backup of all my autumn photos and work may be lost because my lovely Seagate backup drive doesn't work. (It worked when I backed up my work computer in December before necessarily reinstalling Vista because of a virus attack sustained because my employer would not renew my virus protection. Actually I hope I can recover the files from my computer.) I have also found that what is to be my 'permanent' room in my compound is freezing cold despite the best efforts of my wood-burning stove. (Still, it is good to have my own room at last - I've been in temporary beds since August 20.) Also I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder that I can't massage out, the flu, and an ear infection.

Things can only get better.